Panties Worn By Mimi xxx


Just off out for a few drinks, spontaneous and usually these sort of nights end up messy 🙂 Wish me luck!



Running shoes

Today I woke up and thought ‘i need to run’ Crazy right! I think its because I had a takeaway the night before AND I got some new running shoes. I had today off and although its been a soggy and cold day I managed to run 7 miles – the longest run in a while! I went along the river, through some dense woodland and back along the roads. It wasn’t as bad as I thought considering ive only pushed myself to four miles recently.

I didn’t do too much else today apart from go to the local library to see if they had any books about vet nursing – I ended up getting one about welfare so a good start to my learning.

Im watching netflix with friends at the moment and they are trying to convince me to attend an Anne Summers party whatever that is!

Lace and silk panties today – a new pair courtesy of my loyal fans xx

Knowledge is Power

Work was productive today, got taught how to microchip and am now a registered chipper:)  I also got booked on a canine first aid course which im excited about, one step closer to the dream job! We had a puppy brought in today called Teddy who was left in a box by a main road, he has a broken leg and tail and is scared of everyone:( I  decided to be his foster mum until he can learn to love, he’s here with me now keeping me company and he even let me give him a belly rub!

Have had to layer up as its turned very chilly but heres a sneak peak of what’s underneath:p




Autumn clean

The house is finally clean! I started at 11am and have been going through the communal area cleaning like a crazy person! I only intended to do a bit but got carried away. Luckily everyone was out so I could clean in my pants (its very freeing) and now I think I deserve a glass of wine and a sit down. May start watching Game of Thrones at last, its been on my to watch list for ages!!


Bike ride

Had a lovely bike ride along the river to the next town today and stopped on the way for a coffee – was harder work than I anticipated so a slice of cake was necessary!

Also had another look uni courses to try and make a decision – luckily I have near enough a whole year before I need to commit to the student lifestyle.

Got home after a quick run and am now snuggled in bed with a film – 50 shades of grey! Its actually awful lol but an easy watch with some eye candy:p



Coffee, cake and good conversation

Yet another busy one but all good fun. I had an early shift which meant getting up in the dark but at least i was done by 2pm which gave me a chance to catch up with the old guy that used to visit me in the coffee shop. We chatted for about two hours, got through 2 cups of coffee and a generous slice of cake!!

I felt the urge to run after that (strangely) and managed about 4 miles before my legs told me to stop. Managed to squeeze in a trip to the cinema before having a chat with an online friend:p

Sleep is calling me so I better get to bed!



Morning errands

Have been into town to run a few errands (for myself and housemates) which involved getting ingredients for some cake baking this evening and collecting some parcels. Also managed to get a jog in too which I think is good going considering its a little cold and wet today!

I have the day off work so am going to find a coffeeshop and start the decision making process of which universities to apply for and which courses, cant wait to be a student!!


Recovery day

So a few drinks yesterday turned into too many! I love whisky and after three I was having too much fun. The place we went to started off quiet so the group played trivial pursuit with every wrong answer ending in a shot. Thankfully I wasn’t too bad so people were way more drunk than me!

There was a live band that played from 10am and they were pretty good! I even managed to pull! (Just a cheeky kiss before I came home:p)

Trouble is I’ve been hungover all day and feeling sorry for myself – just walked to the shop for dinner and got caught in the rain so very soggy now:/

A hot shower and a film Is my plan of action now!


A few cheeky drinks

Heading out for a few drinks with work colleagues, its the first time we have all been out and the first time in about two months ive had a drink! Hopefully I won’t have too much and do something I regret! I have gone for a black pair or mini briefs as im in a comfy mood !


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