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Dog bite

Can you believe I got a bite on the bum today! He must have felt I weak lol, he just jumped up and caught me on the way out of the kennel! Apart from that my day has been pretty uneventful, just trying to survive until the weekend:) im hoping to have a few drinks and a meal with friends on Saturday so hopefully I feel a bit less fragile!


Pantie selection

A selection of some available goodies…

Feeling sorry for myself

IveĀ  caught a cold and feeling sorry for myself. Felt it coming on a few days ago but its full blown snot and fever today- sexy I know. Spent most of the day in bed watching films and snoozing, hoping to feel better for work tomorrow. My housemates have been good and cooked me dinner but still lacking a big hug:(


7 soggy miles

Managed to force myself out for 7 soggy miles so feel good about that but came back to a broken boiler so have had a shower and am now layered up with a hot water bottle for company! Luckily I still have electric and water!

The rest of my day has been pretty normal although I did get a big box of chocolates from a customer as his dog was bought in as a stray and we washed him and scanned for his chip. The customer was rather attractive – bit of a silver fox:p


Its snowing again! im more prepared than last time and have thick welly socks and thermals to layer up with. After work I went to the dojo and worked on some grappling techniques which I haven’t done for a while so it felt productive although we finished with sparring and I got a jab to the eye – hopefully it doesn’t bruise! Meeting up with a friend tomorrow for coffee and a shop so hopefully its not awful weather or we will be forced to stay in the coffee shop chatting all day:p

May treat myself to some new panties:)



Today I visited the city I will be going to university in:) I just wandered around and explored the markets and museums – soo excited to officially be a student there in September! I sat in a coffee shop for a few hours reading up on the subject im going to be studying and got home tired but happy:)

Ended my evening with a quite long ‘play’ and a naughty video or two – now im exhausted!!

Night night:)

Wet and windy

In this weather all I feel like doing is staying inside and binge watching a box set. So I decided to force myself out for a run in the rain after work so I could enjoy a night in guilt free. Bought popcorn and cookies ready for a night in. Completely forgot is was my housemates birthday so am heading out soon to treat him to a meal. My relaxing night will have to wait….

Reading and relaxing

A fan recently recommended a good book to me called ‘Angry White Pyjamas’ and ive been really enjoying reading it each night before bed. Its a humorous account of a guy in Japan who starts on his journey in Aikido. I would recommend it! Apart from relaxing and reading today ive been baking again today. Still didn’t have the luxury of naked baking since housemates were home but had a spring clean of my room in the nude so felt liberated and sound of mind (although I did require a shower after with all the dust!) I am going out to the city tomorrow to catch up with some friends, we may end up out but I haven’t planned it, need an early night!!


In the Dojo

Back in the dojo this evening and came out with a few bruises. Its been a while since I trained properly due to being away and my body seems to have forgotten how not to bruise like a peach. Felt good either way to get back on the matt and am hoping to head back into MMA tomorrow too. Apart from that my day was pretty average, very chilly and a little slow but at least is half way through the week tomorrow:)



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